What We Do

Stay competitively agile in this ever-changing world by attaining a native fluency with technology with us!

We offer a comprehensive business transformation with the help of advanced technology solutions, corporate consultation, strategy development, and business intelligence/analytics services.

  • Technology

  • Corporate Strategy & People Management

  • Operations

  • Corporate Services

  • Risk Assurance & Analytics

Equipped with core industry analytics and expertise, and driven by deep insights, Tano Partners helps its partners thrive in your industry with utmost confidence.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”



Unlock new technology realms, business models and strategies to create invincible value and enjoy an edge over your competitors.

  • Cyber Security Services – Protect your business from all types of web-based vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks.
  • Enterprise Systems Implementation and Cloud Services – Be a part of the ‘Cloud Revolution’ to build highly scalable, robust, reliable and elastic IT systems and infrastructure.

  • Strategy and Operating Models – Develop the initiatives, processes, frameworks, and strategies for extracting the most out of your existing business operation.

  • Technology Solution Transformation – Be a part of the global digital transformation with the innovative software solution, enterprise application, BI suite, and process optimization.

Corporate Strategy & People Management

Let us help you align your HR strategy closely with your business strategy to achieve greater results while also delivering a better employee and manager experience.

  • Corporate Strategy – Identify clear, crisp and actionable paths to master competitive agility
  • Accounting Advisory Services – Reduce costs and improve regulatory compliance through analytics and machine learning.
  • Change Management & Restructuring – Achieve smooth transitions without disrupting your business’ core processes and operations through our comprehensive transformations.
  • Finance – Fund your IT initiatives through our range of customized equipment financing and asset recovery offerings.
  • Talent, Organization, and Learning – From helping you with talent sourcing and acquisition to engaging your workforce, inculcating leadership and developing their career, we help you take care of the learning at your organization through our result-oriented practices.
  • HR Operations – We cater to every aspect of HR, helping them face the challenges with our customized technology strategy and solutions that are aimed to improve the end experience.
  • Staff Augmentation – Give your organization a cost effective competitive edge and access to a larger talent pool. Our staff augmentation service improves operational efficiency, reduces time spent on recruitment, and eliminates the additional costs associated with having full-time employees.


Tano Partners is your strategic partner in the handling of your  business operations. We are here to help you plan for and execute the facets of your business that keep your business trending upwards.

  • Sustainability Services – Witness an unparalleled value in terms of risk management, revenue, and corporate social responsibility with our sustainability services.
  • Procurement – Ensure that all materials, supplies, equipment, and vendor resources are procured at the best costs through our cutting-edge technology and vast experience.
  • Manufacturing – Streamline your manufacturing operations in line with your business’ goals and couple it with technology-driven transformation.
  • Supply Chain & Operations – Reduce the costs, improve your response times, and enhance the top-line growth while also improving your productivity through our smart product development and inventory strategy.
  • Innovation & Engineering – Experience an unprecedented growth in a competitive global environment by working with our engineering consultants.

Corporate Services

Explore our wide range of corporate services consisting of but not limited to ledger maintenance, strategic planning, and financial solution implementation.

  • Accounting Advisory Services – Get seamless assistance in terms of accounting and financial reporting on an array of transactions and events including adherence to revised accounting standards and so on.
  • Finance – Integrate your business strategies and solutions with our finance solutions and services to navigate past budget obstacles.
  • Global Business Services – Experience the next-gen outsourcing by integrating governance, business practices, and locations seamlessly instead of managing outsourcing vendors independently.
  • Procurement – We address all the challenges related to procurement by providing end-to-end support in terms of Transformation, Diagnostics, Sourcing Delivery, and Technology Advisory.
  • Information Technology – Take your business leaps ahead by blending information technology effortlessly with your day to day operations.

Risk Assurance & Analytics

Stay secure, vigilant, and resilient; and unleash your full potential without losing out to your competitors and third-parties.

  • Internal Audit & Enterprise Risk – Tano Partners deploys teams of professionals well-versed in operational internal auditing, risk assessment, fraud analytics, finance management, treasury, and operational internal auditing.
  • Emerging Technology Risk – Implement a governance framework that promotes innovation while also dealing with the risk that new technologies make you prone to.
  • IT Audit & Assurance – Develop strategically-planned IT strategies, optimize the costs and ensure strong adherence to regulatory controls and standards.
  • Contract Advisory – Align and revise your contracts with your business requirements, prepare for negotiation strategy and create opportunities to optimize flexibility and benefits of the contract
  • Business Analytics – Achieve your digital vision by integrating data and insights seamlessly.
  • Risk Analytics – Make data-driven well-informed decisions and have a better understanding of the risks involved while also taking appropriate measures to mitigate them to generate greater profits.

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