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Tano Partners has the ability to drive your business to the route of success irrespective of your industry vertical.

We have already made our presence felt among diversified industry sectors. Right from retail to manufacturing, healthcare, telecom, energy, finance, education, and public sector, our expertise knows no barrier. Our able leadership has the ability to adapt, anticipate, cultivate and innovate winning solutions irrespective of the industry vertical. You can count on our experience, skill, and adaptability to help your business achieve the desired objectives.



Enhance the functionality of your retail and e-Commerce business with customized apps, software and service management functions. Our custom technology solutions are built to solve practical problems associated with the retail industry. We have a great deal of experience in developing and customizing Enterprise Retail Management suites, defining service management processes and streamlining the inventory management practices.


Manufacturers often have to deal with unpredictability in demand and supply ratio. Our business intelligence services – specifically targeted to the manufacturing industry – can provide a predictive analysis to forecast trends and develop the analytical ability to get real-time insights and make the right decisions at the right time.

Furthermore, we can help you streamline manufacturing operations and drive greater efficiency through advanced technology tools. We can help you to improve productivity by process automation. Our manufacturing expertise can ensure effective after-sales support and maintain great customer relations.


Change is the only constant in the IT and telecom sector. We can help you evolve accordingly by transforming your business to cope up with the changing demands.

Our BI and analytics solutions can provide you with the right kind of technical insights to respond quickly to new business opportunities and effectively manage changing market dynamics. You can make use of our consulting service to devise innovative strategies to stay ahead of the competitors. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is specifically aimed at mitigating unforeseen events so that your operation is not impacted by inconsistent demand patterns and market volatility


Healthcare is a specialized sector. We have the core industry knowledge to facilitate healthcare businesses in achieving greater heights. If you are unable to cope up with the process transformation demand mandated by the advancement of digital technology, then we are here to help you out. We partner with healthcare providers to help them understand the market trends, develop new business models, enforce industry-standard compliance processes, and deliver superior customer experience.


The requirements of public sector enterprises are quite different from that of private limited companies. Today’s digitalized environments demand the government and public administration services to undergo a complete digital transformation. Public services must be delivered through convenient communication channels and in an efficient manner.

We thoroughly understand the specialized demands of government-operated organizations and devise appropriate strategies/solutions to help our public sector partners meet their objectives. With projects ranging from Medicaid & Medicare to SNAP, TANF, and CHIP, we have been a strategic partner to several government sector organizations for the implementation of e-governance and citizen engagements initiatives, improving the overall service quality and end-user relationships.


Energy and Utility is one of the fastest growing industrial sectors today. It’s a highly competitive market which has gone through radical changes in the last decade or so. If you are looking to digitally transform your energy/utility business, we have the desired level of industry knowledge in to make it seamless and coherent.

Right from custom solution development to customer relationship management, data modeling, and market analysis, we can help you maximize the scale of operation, deliver operational excellence and improve the decision-making process.


The education sector is witnessing a gradual decline in revenues due to inefficient management practices and soaring administrative costs. Naturally, they are looking for cost-effective third-party solution providers to improve the bottom line.

We have helped hundreds of premier educational institutions throughout the world to realize their true potential. Our customized solutions are backed by analytical capabilities that enable educational institutes to maximize efficiency and provide better services to the end-users.


Financial organizations are facing new challenges in the form of rising costs, regulatory pressures, cybercrimes, and operational inefficiency to name a few. Effective risk management and cost optimization are the top priority for financial services to sustain in this competitive market. No matter whether you are looking for enhancing security against vulnerabilities, developing business intelligence, increasing capacity to handle volume spikes, or implementing comprehensive BPM services, we are fully equipped to provide your financial organization the competitive edge that it truly deserves.

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”


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